Saturday, August 30, 2014

News: Coming November 2014

The next novel I will be releasing is...

by Sarah Darlington

(Note: My target release date is November 4th. But that release date is not official yet and is subject to change. If you plan on signing up to post, no matter the date, then please fill out the form!! *Link Below*)
The one. The only. Leo Maddox.
Leo’s cocky. He’s mean. He’s gorgeous. He’s never learned the meaning of the word no. He’s the twenty-one-year-old, billionaire grandson of a hotel mogul. He has vacation homes he’s never been to and cars he doesn’t drive. Women. Fashion. Alcohol. There’s nothing he can’t get. Well…almost nothing.
He can’t have her. The girl he loves. The girl he’s loved his entire life. She hates him. Until one morning when Leo wakes up and decides enough is enough. He’s going to get the only girl he’s ever wanted. So what if she has a new boyfriend. So what if she loathes his very existence. Clara belongs with him and he’s going to prove it to her by winning her heart.
***This New Adult Romance is told entirely from Leo Maddox’s POV. It can be read before, after, or in place of Sarah Darlington’s debut novel He Belongs With Me. Recommended for readers 18+ due to strong language and sexy scenes.***

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thank you, Bloggers!!!

Thank you to all the bloggers/reviewers/facebookers who participated in the KILL DEVIL HILLS cover reveal and blog tour!!! All your reviews, promoting, and posts helped me reach #777 Paid in the Kindle Store! HE BELONGS WITH ME's all-time highest rank was only #4,000! So, woohoo, improvement! I can't want to see how my next book will do!

I currently do not have any cover reveals or blog tours in the works. But if you would like to sign up to receive posting information for all my future tours then please fill out this form:

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I write extremely slow! :( And I only get about an hour (if I'm lucky) writing time per day. Bummer, right? But writing is my passion so you all can expect more books for years to come from me.

My next project is KILL DEVIL HILLS #2. Ellie's novel. I am currently calling it 'KISS ME GOODBYE' but that title may change. Add it to goodreads here:
My target release date is Feb or March 2015.

Thanks again, bloggers!!